9 totally rad cool-girl candles

get lit.

No interior is complete without a candle to add some major ambience with a flickering light and irresistable scent. But not every candle is right for every space: Wax creations from mall superstores tend to overwhelm the senses and aren't the most visually pleasing, while blogger favorites can cost you upwards of $60 for just a few hours of a beautiful aroma. So, since every cool girl deserves a cool space, we've rounded up our favorite candles to take your home decorating to the next level.

Whether you prefer to get spiritual with prayer and ritual candles or you're looking for something dessert-sweet, these flickering picks will keep your space looking and smelling amazing. Grab your wallet and your lighter, and click through the gallery to find the hottest candles around.

Bad-Ass Bitch CandleJust because you're a leather-rocking, sharp-witted, badass bitch doesn't mean that you can't use a candle to make your apartment smell like a tropical paradise. Add some cheekiness to your home this wonderfully vulgar piece of decor and choose it in "any scent you f'in want" (aka vanilla or coconut).

Ms. Betty's, Original Bad-Ass Bitch candle, $18, available at Emerging Thoughts.

Vegan Pyramid Candle

Add some major feng shui to your home with a candle that looks cooler the more you use it. Corscandle's vegan pyramid candles burn for 25 hours and melts into intricate wax patterns.

Corscandles, Vegan Wax Glowing Pyramid candle, $17, available at Etsy.

Earth Ritual CandleInfused with motherwort herb, oak flower essence, and cedar wood essential oil, Magic Hour Astrology's Earth ritual candle contains a green moss agate healing crystal to foster success, patience, focus, and order.

Magic Hour Astrology, Earth Ritual candle, $20, available at Etsy.

Old Books CandleIf literary perfume isn't quite up your alley, try out one of Frostbeard's many book-inspired wax creations. The old books scent combines the scents of white tea, newspaper, and timber with musk for the perfect balance of inky paperbacks and leather-bound tomes.

Frostbeard, Old Books Ccented candle, $16, available at Etsy.

Campfire Candle

While we may not be the biggest fans of all the aspects of camping (no thank you, mosquitos), we've got to admit that there's something about a campfire that's just pretty darn appealing. Stay inside and recreate the inviting aroma with a soy candle that burns with a light note of raspberry and vanilla.

Pommel Frites Candle Co., Campfire Scented soy wax candle, $18, available at Etsy.

Chocolate Egg Cream CandleYou may not be able to head down to the local soda parlor to sip on some sweetness, but youcan recreate that retro scent with a chocolatey candle. Katz's Delicatessen captures the sweet cocoa scent perfectly with notes of chocolate and seltzer.

Katz's Delicatessen, Chocolate Egg Cream scented candle, $25, available at NYLON shop,

Dark & Stormy CandleAdd a little light to your next at-home happy hour. Paddywax's Dark & Stormy candle is just one of their cocktail-inspired candles. Also available in Mint Julep and French Gimlet, this one features the aromas of rum, lime, and ginger for an invigorating scent. Bonus: It comes with a recipe for how to make your own Dark & Stormy. Yum.

Paddywax, Dark & Stormy candle, $16, available at Paddywax.

Sage And Cedar CandleReferred to as the "Tree of Life" since ancient times, cedar helps to relax and invigorate your senses. Paired with a bend of sage, balsam fir, and cypress essential oils, this earthy scent will make your home smell like a magical forest.

Morphologically, Sage & Atlas Cedar candle, $30, available at Morphologically.

Stevie Nicks CandlePatron saint of gold dust women everywhere, St. Stevie Nicks should be honored nightly by lighting a prayer candle, listening to a live acoustic version of "Landslide," and twirling around in your most glamorous shawl.

Danny Brito, Stevie Nicks prayer candle, $12, available at Emerging Thoughts.