photographed by rene vaile

calendar girls

the coolest way to kick off 2014 is with one of these rad calendars.

by steff yotka

There's a lot of reasons to look forward to 2014--new seasons of Girls and Downton Abbey, a new Wes Anderson movie, the Winter Olympics--but maybe the most satisfying is the opportunity to switch up your calendar game.

As I'm sure you know, committing to a calendar is like picking a best friend; you've got to look at it for 365 days, it's got to make you happy, and it should reflect you, at least a little bit.  So click through this gallery of the coolest calendars for 2014, from a dog one to a gemstone version to a very necessary Lisa Frank one.

And once you find your calendar soulmate, mark off April 2015 as a very, very important month... It's NYLON's 15th birthday! 

French Bulldog Calendar -- $13.95

Adam J. Kurtz Unsolicited Advice Planner -- $12

Rifle Travel America Calendar -- $27.95

Girls Wall Calendar -- $9.99

Kate Vernon Gemstone Calendar -- $12

Quotable Calendar -- $12.95

Lisa Frank Calendar -- $9.99

Papaya Cavaran of Dreams Calendar -- $16.95

Paper Source Wall Art Calendar -- $29.95

Sugar Paper Desk Calendar -- $52

Kate Spade Large Planner -- $138

Language of Flowers Calendar -- $28.75

Isa Gagarin Full Moon Calendar -- $30

Pieces and Patterns Calendar -- $32.95

Heather Lines Stitches Calendar -- $25

The Daily Bitch Calendar by Ed Polish -- $14.99

Lunar Calendar Poster -- $24

Rifle Cities Desk Calendar -- $16.95

Big Source 17 Month Calendar -- $29.95

Mod Posters Calendar by The Museum of Modern Art -- $14.99

Hello Kitty Wall Calendar -- $33

365 Things to Draw -- $12.99