could you be loved?

good idea or bad idea - a camera with naked people on it?

by faran krentcil

Another day, another Lomography camera that's too cute for words. This one is called "Take My Heart," and it hatched about a month ago at Lomography stores around the country (and online).  A Diana F+ camera, it shoots square images on any kind of 120mm film, and creates super-saturated, slightly smudged photos that are both unique and very hard to mess up. 

But just in case you have trouble getting people to stop focusing on their iPads and start posing for your flashbulb, this camera has an early renaissance period painting of Adam and Eve wrapped around its plastic body.  They're naked, naturally, and surrounded by very cute deer.  (Awww!) 

It's a unique and fun camera, and speaking from experience, it takes fantastic photos.  But are naked people on a camera inspiring... or a little creepy? That's your call.  In the meantime, can you name the artist who did this painting in the 1500s?  Anybody?  Anybody?  Bueller...?

The Lomo Diana F+ Take My Heart Camera, $99 at Lomography.com