royal apothic plays cupid for perfume.

by liza darwin

Committing to a fragrance can feel intimidating, but thanks to afternoons at Sephora and nights going through our friends' beauty cabinets, we know what scents we like. It also means we know what we don't like, which makes Royal Apothic's new collection of perfume all the more brilliant.

The beauty brand has just rolled out "Societies of Scent," a line of mini-bottles that takes the guesswork out of finding your new favorite fragrance. Based upon the idea of a compass with four families (floral, water, citrus and wood) arranged at each point, it plays matchmaker for you depending on which tones you're already obsessed with. If that's not enough, each of the bottles comes hand-packaged with linen paper and ribbon, making them a chic addition to any bedroom.

And with plenty of in-between options and the ability to layer, (they're only $30!), buying perfume doesn't even feel like a commitment at all.

$30 each here.