Courtney Love Covered Radiohead’s “Creep” And It’s F**king Perfect

it’s kind of a match made in heaven

Last night, Courtney Love took to a very, very small stage at a private part and belted out Radiohead’s 1993 alt classic “Creep” for those in attendance (and us on YouTube). It’s a blend of ‘90s musical icons so clear and obvious, it seems odd that Love hasn’t performed the track before now that we’ve seen it.

Yes, yes—Love’s voice has a different tone than it used to, but she manages to use that raspiness a la Marianne Faithful during the verses. Often the point of Love’s performance was that she could never hit the high notes she set out to sing. The joy in watching her perform was seeing her scream and break voice all over the place—a wonderful mess. That’s punk, y’all. Check out what she does with Thom Yorke’s once-operatic bridge. So very messy and so very Court. 

The event was a party to draw attention to Linda Perry’s tune, “Hands of Love”—a song performed by Miley Cyrus for the Ellen Paige-starring Freeheld. The goal was, fingers crossed, to get the track an Academy Awards nomination. Whether that happens or not, at least we’ve got one ‘90s star covering a ‘90s hit in support of another ‘90s rocker. Nice how that works. Oh, and also Christina Aguilera performed John Lennon’s scream-therapy classic "Mother" at the event, which you can watch below.