Courtney Love Valley of the Dolls

no words.

by liza darwin

Leave it to Courtney Love to turn your average Tuesday afternoon into something ridiculous. Actually, scratch that! More like, ridiculously bizarre/amazing/artsy/fill in the blank with whatever adjective you can think of, and it probably fits for her Valley of the Dolls remake.

The singer has comissioned artist Michael Mouris to animate the mini-movie Valley of the Doll Parts (get it?) based on the cult '60s film. Except this time, it stars a random assortment of Hollywood's biggest personalities. Chloe Sevigny, Lindsay Lohan, Paula Deen, Miley Cyrus, James Franco, and more make cameos in this incredible clip, and you've just got to see it to believe it. (Just don't blame us if you're all, "WTF just happened?!" afterwards.)

Bottom line: this is Courtney's creative world, and we're all just living in it. So jump right in and watch Valley of the Doll Parts below!