hand ball

even the nfl is getting into nail art.

by rebecca willa davis

When our market editor Rachael Wang got the Oakland Raiders logo emblazoned on her nails (it was one of 10 Cali-inspired finger images) I got a little jealous: My little secret is that, in addition to loving scuzzy indie rock and bright lipsticks, I'm also a football fanatic--and showing team pride on your nails is kind of genius. After all, unlike a jersey you don't have to worry about your favorite player being traded, and it's subtle enough that to outside observers it just looks like some super artsy design.

Turns out, CoverGirl thought it was genius too. Just in time for kick-off weekend, the beauty brand is launching polish bundles inspires by all 32 NFL teams. So blue, red, and white for the New England Patriots, or green and yellow for the Green Bay Packers.

What you do with the polishes is up to you--make an abstract pattern, recreate the logo, or spell out " J E T S S U C K" on each finger (just kidding!)--but if the season doesn't go well you can just wipe it all off with some remover. Fingers crossed you'll need them well into 2014.