15 Cozy Scarves To Help You Survive Winter

    Make the season just a bit more bearable

    by · November 30, 2016

    I think we’re all aware that winter weather isn’t exactly pleasant. Getting out of bed in your freezing cold room every morning, just to run out the door straight into subzero temperatures (or worse—a blizzard) is never an easy feat. Now that we’re just a day away from December, it’s inevitable that this is soon to be our fate.

    Luckily for us, there’s hope! There are some truly comfy and cozy scarves out there to make it all a little easier and help us beat the incoming chill. From the softest of furs (faux only, of course) to ultra-warm cable knits, we rounded up 15 must-haves that you’ll want to wrap yourself up with, and maybe even nap in. (They’re just that cozy.)

    Our picks are guaranteed to make this season a bit more tolerable. Not only will they keep you warm and help protect your face, they’re also cute enough to complement (and in some cases, add a pop of color to) even the bleakest of winter wear. You’ll want to add these to your cold weather accessory arsenal, ASAP.

    Click through the gallery below to peruse our favorites of the season.

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