10 books that every creative must read

    to get their s**t together

    by · January 07, 2015

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    Self-help books, for the most part, are cheesy. Sitting down with a book does not your problems solve. Yet that doesn’t mean that books don’t provide endless inspiration and encouragement, and that the self-help section of a bookstore should be written off entirely. In fact, therapeutic reading may be one of the most rewarding literary experiences out there. The difference is, an inspirational read doesn’t hope to “fix” something, but grow and encourage traits that already exist.

    As the new year settles into full swing, it is important to not just set ambiguous resolutions, but to create realistic, month-by-month goals to make this the best and most creative year...ever. We’ve listed 10 books that have personally helped us overcome writer’s block, rethink our goals, and channel our creativity. Because even artists need a jumpstart every now and again...

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