creeps by cubbins watches

Make your wrist pop…

by Christian Lavery

You’re familiar with the coveted Keith Haring Swatch watch, right? You know, the ones that hit the four-figure price range on eBay. Can’t quite afford it, can you? Don’t worry, neither can we. But with a little help from Bartholomew Cubbins, the hero of two Dr. Suess story books, your day (or rather your wrist) will finally be saved.

Creating a bit of a pop art feel through characters that bring to mind a Mark Gonzales drawing, Creeps by Cubbins supplies a full range of fun watches that add some instant interest to your wrist. Available in various band colors and figures such as EggEye, Rocket Boy, Fishstick and more, pick up your favorite one for half a c-note HERE.