It’s 2018, And Croc Collaborations Are Still Happening

Stop it

I can’t explain where my hatred for Crocs comes from. It’s just there, festering, every time I see the bulky clogs out in the wild or in a store. Fashion’s recent obsession hasn’t helped, either. If you thought plastic hole-ridden shoes annoyed you before, then check them out in platform style and with baubles added. It’s unclear whether the capital “F” fashion person wearing them is being ironic or not, and insiders can’t seem to agree on whether they’re chic or not. Regardless, it seems the industry won’t quit—even in 2018.

New York City streetwear label Alife announced a recent collaboration with the brand, which includes a sock-sandal hybrid. As Fashionista has dubbed it, the “Sock Croc,” formerly known as the “Sport,” includes a tube sock permanently built into a clog. Yeah, go back and read that sentence again. Here’s another picture so you can visualize just how unnecessary they are. They’re priced at $140 by the way.

Alife has another pair, which is an ode to New York City and includes different NYC-related landmarks (the Statue of Liberty, Brooklyn Bridge, and Empire State Building) that can be placed inside the holes. According to Fashionista, there will only be 100 pairs of these available and they cost, wait for it, $600 each. Let’s see if the hypebeasts fall for this one come June 14 when the collaboration is released.