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    by · December 07, 2011
    Sorry Lady Gaga, but long before The Fame Monster, there was Crystal Stilts. Since 2005 these Brooklyn guys have perfected their own version of bad romance, and it’s one that involves a deadly addictive concoction of psych-rock, hazy surf influence, and eerie melodies. And because we’ve always thought of Crystal Stilts as our winter soundtrack, it’s perfect timing that the band’s new EP Radiant Door dropped just in time for darker days and chilly weather. To mark the release, we asked some members to fill in a few blanks...1. The story behind your new Radiant Door EP is.... JB- Crazy. Really crazy and complex. It’s a sonic paint bubble poppin’ on your synaptic canvas. 2. The most meaningful song to you on the EP is... JB- I love all the children equally but the dark secret is 2 of the 5 are not mine. The Blue Orchids cover, Low Profile, is a great song that I’ve loved for years. I highly recommend buying the Blue Orchids records-- If you like us and you like The Fall. 3. Before a show, we can find you.... Brad- Second stall from left most definitely... 4. After a show, we can find you.... JB- I’m not exactly sure because I’m not really sure what I would be doing after any given show, but chances are you could probably find us on our private helicopter with a bottle of Ciroq, counting money. 5. The things that most inspire you are.... JB- The Floaters, David Fair’s “Oatmeal, Please!” video, dogs on motorcycles, bathymetry, and the goldilocks zone. 6. The three items you always take with you on tour are....JB- Binoculars, money for underwear, a floppy octopus, and a red kazoo.Download “Dark Eyes” below and find out more about Crystal Stilts here. Crystal Stilts - Dark Eyes by NYLONmag
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