cs5460 by curaprox

The ultimate toothbrush…

by Josh Madden

We've always been of the mind that if a little is good, then a lot is better. When it comes to tooth brushing practices it only makes sense that more bristles in the brush mean less work and more coverage, right? So we set out on a hunt to find the ultimate toothbrush, the one with the most bristles and we discovered the CS5460. Yes, the 5460 in the name is a reference to the number of ultra-soft bristles in this thing it turns out that just happens to be about 10 times the average number of bristles. These little wonders are made by the Swiss company Curaprox, which specializes in toothbrushes that are extremely soft for optimal gum health. Not only are they the most comfortable and effective toothbrushes on on the planet, but they look pretty rad too. Get yours HERE.