Contemporary Brand Haizhen Wang Brings New Flair To Old Silhouettes

Cult Worthy: Haizhen Wang

Haizhen Wang, who is originally from China but studied fashion in London, has made a collection to swoon over. The brand started in 2010 and has been growing ever since, becoming even more covetable with time. Known for amazing tailoring and subtle, androgynous silhouettes, the collection is a breath of fresh air and something we can all get behind. Merging British culture with a sense of his Asian heritage, he fuses everything he knows together into a collection that feels street and high-end at the same time. Baggy pants with a sexy twist, cutouts in places you wouldn't expect, and interesting fabrics make for a spring collection that we are a huge fan of. Inspired by '80s subcultures of skinheads and punks, this collection is full of denim, geometric shapes, and sharp lines that create a modern, feminine look with a gender-neutral attitude. Wang even collaborated with Swarovski's APAC collective to create amazing designs with a bit of shine on some of their patterns. Our favorite looks are in the gallery—go shopping!