Photo via Instagram/@tripp

Curvy Wife Guy Still Wants To Be Praised For Loving His “Curvy Wife”

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by Sandra Song

Remember Robbie Tripp? The guy who wrote that viral "I love my curvy wife" post on Instagram and was instantly hailed by the internet as "Husband of the Year?" Well, he's back at it again with yet another "woke" Instagram ode to his wife. As a result, the comments section has become just one big "heart eyes"- and "where can I find a husband like you?"-filled fest.

Over the weekend, Tripp posted a photo of his wife Sarah, captioning the image, "Sometimes when Sarah is naked before getting in the shower, I’ll kneel down in front of her and hug her soft tummy and kiss her stretch marks and tell her every part of her I love."

"When she sits across from me when we’re out to eat, sometimes I zone out for a second and get lost in my thoughts about how I can’t believe how perfect her face actually is," he continued. "And when she cuddles up to me at night, I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a soft, sweet woman in my life. This is my queen. And together we can do anything." 

It's nice that he loves his wife and everything, but it's undeniable that his post would have been an equally-as-effective declaration of love without over-focusing on physical things like her "soft tummy" and "stretch marks." And putting belabored emphasis on the fact that he loves "every part of her" is just self-congratulatory bullshit. Like, why does he continually feel like he needs to prove that he loves his wife's body? To reaffirm over and over again that, "Yes, I still think my wife is beautiful"? Is it really that big of an accomplishment? Or is it just another example of a guy being praised for doing the least?

Men are continually praised for doing the bare minimum, whether it's standing up for their girlfriend or checking in on their ex during a health crisis, but all this indicates is that men need to be held to higher standards; being a decent person shouldn't be the sole requirement for being "husband goals."