artists duke it out in this global design battle.

by liza darwin

Think Olympics-meets-world concert tour, and you've got Cut & Paste.

The international art competition pits local designers against each other in a live, on-stage showdown (then, each city's winner competes against each other for global bragging rights come February).

For its 5th installment, they're hitting cities like NYC, Berlin, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo. There, audience members can watch the artists in action as they're creating digital works in categories like 3D and Motion Action, but under some serious pressure.

Bonus? Even you can get in on the game by participating in audience design contests, where you create your own digital masterpiece, minus the stress of doing it onstage.

The tour kicks off in NYC this weekend. Visit the website to see how you can see these real-life art wars in your city!