Cut Copy Free Your Mind Music Video

oh hello, shirtless alexander skarsgard!

by rebecca willa davis

Fun fact: Putting Alexander Skarsgard in your music video makes it a hundred times better. Putting shirtless Alexander Skargard in your music video makes it a thousand times better.

So the new Cut Copy music video for "Free Your Mind," featuring at one point the actor running around in just his tighty whities? Um, definitely the best thing we've seen all week.

The mini movie posits Skarsgard as the leader of a cult, whose followers are so devoted that they'll clean his feet, let him ball hog during a game of invisible basketball, and even let him watch as they do it with one another. Between his long blonde locks and chiseled body, we don't really blame them (yes, not even that dirty robe turns us off), although we admittedly draw the line somewhere--probably when one of the followers lifts up the toilet seat for him and takes notes as he pees.

And though we don't own a blue Puma tracksuit like the cult followers, we can identify one similarity between us and them: We probably all secretly think about Skargard when we're getting it on with other boys.

"Shine brother, shine on," indeed. Watch the music video below, and then check out Cut Copy's upcoming US tour dates--who knows, Skarsgard just might be there too.