all photos courtesy of evans


this new plus-sized collaboration is awesome

because fashion doesn’t come in one size.

by nylon

It's pretty infuriating how some (read: most) fashion brands neglect to consider their plus-size (read: average-sized) customers when designing most collections. And although many brands have released sister-lines to accomodate stylish, curvy women—like Forever21 and Asos—there still isn't enough trendy clothing for women sizes 12+, who have a hard time shopping in straight-sized stores

UK brand Evans has been servicing transatlantic plus-size women with awesome threads for years. For their latest Cut For Evans competition—where they support emerging designers by providing them with the chance to bring their designs to life—the brand chose Ellie Northway and Eve Turley, two students from Nottingham Trent and Kingston University, to create a six-piece collection. The result is a selection of stunning bold digital-printed shirts, bomber jackets and jumpsuits and lush bodycon skirts and dresses that are super-chic, no matter what size you are. (Refinery29)

Check out our favorite items in the gallery, and kudos to Evans for shining a light on independent designers who envision style for women of all sizes.

Cut For Evans Purple Digital Print Bomber Jacket, $99.50.

Cut For Evans Navy Textured Knitted Skirt, $65.00.

Cut For Evans Bright Multicolored Digital Print Panel Dress, $89.50.

Cut For Evans Navy Textured Panel Knitted Dress, $99.50.

Cut For Evans Bright Multicolored Digital Print Jumpsuit, $99.50.

Cut For Evans Bright Multicolored Digital Print Top, $75.00.

Cut For Evans Bright Multicolored Border Print Pants, $85.00.