“Damn Daniel” Makes His Music Video Debut

back at it again with weezer

Nobody expected "Damn Daniel" to turn into the next great meme, but once Daniel Lara and Josh Holz were invited on Ellen, their legacy online and offline was validated. If you assumed that the teens would be done once they clutched a lifetime supply deal with Vans, you were so wrong. The boys recently made a cameo, at the end of Weezer's brand-new music video for "California Kids," and its got LOL written all over it.

This time, Lara is not wearing his signature white Vans—he walks on the beach barefoot. Holz delivers the notorious punchline: "Daaaaaaamn Rivers, back at it again with the Ray-Bans." Even though their appearance is brief, it's honestly the best part of the entire thing. Life's a beach, but the view is great.

Who knew that the key to getting a part in the music video of one of the most beloved rock bands of our time was to create your own viral video on Twitter? Watch the guys have fun in the sun, above.