dark is rising

you can’t be a rock star just because you have makeup… but it helps.

by faran krentcil

Last night at the Mondrian in Soho, we slammed our way to the stage so we could scream, jump, and cry at the sight of Alison Mosshart, who was playing with her partner in crime, Jamie Hince, as the new hotel's opening act.

As usual when crammed so close to our own personal Moon Goddess, we had a few involuntary thoughts:

1. Why can't I be Alison Mosshart?

2.  Why can't I look like Alison Mosshart?

3.  Why can't I growl onstage like Alison Mosshart?

But none of these things can happen.  Instead, this morning when we woke up and dragged ourselves to the mirror, we simply wondered, "Why can't I have badass eye makeup like Alison Mosshart?"

Okay, that we can handle.  The key seems to be a minimal approach - use just enough shadow or liner to look like you're in a famous band, but not so much that you're heading into Momsen territory.  (As the latest Paris runways reveal, there's plenty of time for that kind of look come Fall.)

To imitate The Divine Miss M, we used the new Black Palette from Urban Decay.  We like it because it's got the label's signature pigments mixed with black for a darker, grimier eye sheen. That means their usual silver tint has tarnished into chrome, and their flirty purple hue has gone positively poisonous.

Alison doesn't need an extra kick of black powder to make herself a rock star.  But we're not afraid to admit, we still kinda do.

The Black Palette, $36 online

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