Watch the Trailer for Gillian Flynn’s ‘Dark Places’

starring charize theron

Before Gillian Flynn was the world famous bestselling author of Gone Girl, she published two other similarly twisty thrillers, Sharp Objects and Dark Places. The latter has been turned into a movie starring Charlize Theron as woman who witnesses the murder of her family at a young age, and revisits the crime when she's visited in the present day by a secret society that calls themselves the Kill Club. Nicholas Hoult leads the mysterious club of crime aficionados, and encourages Theron to question whether or not her brother committed the crime, as she told police after it happened. Chloe Grace Moretz and Christina Hendricks both show up as women with secret pasts, who no doubt are connected the murders somehow.

What's odd is that this trailer comes to us from France, where it'll be released on April 8. Dark Places has had no promotion here in the States, and has yet to land a North American release date, which makes no sense for a movie with Gillian Flynn and Charlize Theron's names attached to it. Could it be that it's just not very good? Not based on this very intriguing trailer, which you should watch below.