13 Pieces Of Turquoise Jewelry For December Birthdays

The prettiest gifts for the Sagittarius and Capricorns in your life

November is over, which means sunny citrine is no longer ruling as this month’s birthstone and that it’s time for something new (and blue) to step in. For those born in December, there’s a choice between three different—yet equally stunning—birthstones: zircon, tanzanite, and turquoise. While all of these stones exist in unique shades of blue, we can’t deny that turquoise is one of our favorite stones to wear regardless of our birth month. Ranging from a powdery, sky blue to a green-hued robin’s egg, turquoise has quite the colorful history.

This tranquil, calming stone was once thought to provide protection to ancient kings, shamans, and warriors. It’s also thought to improve overall mood and emotions by giving its wearer a sense of peace and serenity and help stabilize mood swings (count us in!). As well, it's believed that if you’re given a piece of turquoise by a loving friend, that stone will bring you good fortune and protect from negative energy. Sounds like the perfect birthday gift for all of the Sagittarius (and Capricorn-cusped) people in your life, if you ask me.

We gathered up 13 turquoise baubles of all sorts, and at all price points, to make gifting your BFF (or yourself) a little bit easier. Click through the gallery below to check out our picks.

Photo Courtesy of Pamela Love

Pamela Love, Pluma Ring, $80, available at Pamela Love.

Photo Courtesy of Jami

Jami, Caged Turquoise Bullet Point Necklace, $28, available at Jami.

Photo Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Andrea Fohrman, Mini Crescent 18-Karat Gold Turquoise Earring, $590, available at Net-A-Porter.

Photo Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Monica Vinader, Rose Gold Vermeil Turquoise Bracelet, $295, available at Net-A-Porter.

Photo Courtesy of Free People

Free People, Sunburst Turquoise Cuff, $88, available at Free People.

Photo Courtesy of Anthropologie

Dani Barbe, Turquoise Narrow Cuff, $178, available at Anthropologie.

Photo Courtesy of Serafina

Jennifer Meyer, Turquoise Inlay Bar Stud Earrings, $395, available at Serafina.

Photo Courtesy of Avrocomy

Avrocomy, Sun Studs, $140, available at Avrocomy.

Photo Courtesy of Ritual Ritual

Melissa Gisele, Turquoise Orbit Ring, $94, available at Ritual Ritual.

Photo Courtesy of La Kaiser

La Kaiser, Opal And Turquoise Wishbone Pendant, $112, available at La Kaiser.

Photo Courtesy of Local Eclectic

Cities In Dust, Turquoise Dagger Cuff, $64, available at Local Eclectic.

Photo Courtesy of Loren Stewart

Loren Stewart, Double Turquoise Baguette Ring, $300, available at Loren Stewart.

Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Mooney

Vanessa Mooney, The Honey Rider Necklace, $26.40, available at Vanessa Mooney.