How To Decorate Your Apartment Like These 5 Beautiful Horror Movies

From ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ to ‘The Handmaiden’

Despite—and sometimes because of—their gory aesthetic, horror movies are some of the most visually arresting films to watch, so it makes perfect sense that you'd want to translate some of their macabre looks into your own home. Like, sure, maybe don't be super-literal about it (blood will stain, after all), but the following five films will provide plenty of inspiration when it comes to transforming your home into a haunted house this fall.

Rosemary's Baby: Easily one of the most visually stunning horror movies of all time, Rosemary's Baby is perhaps better known for its fashion and style aesthetics (that haircut!) than for its decor choices. But that's ironic considering it's really all about the terror-filled realm of New York City real estate! Make your home into a replica of the Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse's Dakota stunner by incorporating goth baby decor and accessories, but balancing everything out with mid-century modern pieces, splashes of yellow to remind you of your now-lost innocence, a '60s shag rug, and a fireplace next to which you can get nice and cozy. (Oh, and in which to see images of Satan flickering in the faux flames.)

1) Debbie Carlos Two Owls Print, $45, available at Debbie Carlos

2) AKDY Portable Electric Fireplace, $169, available at Houzz

3) Salty and Sweet Hanging Mobile Nevermore! The Raven, $36, available at Etsy

4) Anthropologie Hanging Storage Cabinet in Silver, $228, available at Anthropologie 

5) Amped Shag Faux Fur Rug in Cream, $39-229, available at Urban Outfitters

6) Anthropologie Heatherly Sofa in Gold, $2,398, available at Anthropologie

7) West Elm Retro Tripod Coffee Table, $299, available at West Elm

8) Darkness Void Baby Head Beeswax Candle Medium Size, $22, available at Etsy

9) Silver Cross Kensington Pram in Black, $2,749.99, available at Pish Posh Baby

10) ABC Carpet & Home Diamond Large Pendant in Black, $295, available at ABC Carpet & Home

11) Lovise Floral Window Curtain, $39, available at Urban Outfitters

The Handmaiden: Easily one of our favorite movies of the year, it's fairer to call The Handmaiden a thriller rather than a horror movie, since there's nothing supernatural in its terrors. But it is as full of suspense and trickery as it is sumptuous visuals, and so we think it qualifies anyway. In order to replicate the lush interiors of The Handmaiden, where so much of the action takes place, fill your home with intricately carved wooden pieces, delicate accessories and artwork, and a soaking tub, in which your every need can be administered to. Oh, and that preserved octopus? That's just to remind you of where true terror lies.

1) Anthropologie Land & Sky Armoire, $3,998, available at Anthropologie

2) Traveling Monet French Easel, $89.99, available at Jerry's Artorama

3) Recycled Lovers, Abstract Rope Tapestry, $120, available at Ahalife

4) Horses for Courses, Vintage Asian Sunshade, $102.13, available at Etsy

5) Gold Leaf Floor Screen, $1,500, available at Chairish

6) Eviva Sarah Freestanding Bathtub, $1,289.99, available at Wayfair

7) Evolution, Horned Sea Urchin Shell, $9, available at Evolution

8) Evolution, Octopus in Resin, $59, available at Evolution

9) Lee Ufan Framed Art Print "From Line," $135, available at Ahalife

10) Anthropologie Rug-Printed Darcy Daybed, $1,998, available at Anthropologie

Get Out: Everyone knows that Get Out was a groundbreaking scary movie for its unflinching look at the horrors of racism, but it was also a really beautiful movie—if you find the whole uber-preppy, WASP-y decor thing to be compelling. Which, well, we don't, ordinarily. And yet we still had a ton of fun putting together this Get Out-themed room, full of plaid, majestic antlers (though not ones you can be impaled upon), a tea set, and the perfect bowl from which to eat dry cereal while drinking a glass of milk. Scary! Welcome to your very own Sunken Place. Don't forget to carry your keys on you at all times.

1) WallCandy Arts, Plaid Removable Wallpaper, $148, available at Ahalife

2) Debbie Carlos, Antlers Print, $45, available at Debbie Carlos

3) West Elm Kaloh Cereal Bowls - set of four in white, $24, available at West Elm

4) Pottery Barn Thatcher Upholstered Wingback Chair, $824, available at Pottery Barn

5) Urban Outfitters Mandy Table Lamp, $69, available at Urban Outfitters

6) Alexander Home Stella Sunset Shag Rug, $195.74, available at Overstock

7) Anthropologie, Smoke Rings Cup & Saucer, $18, available at Anthropologie

8) Friday & River Belt Key Lanyard, $55, available at Ahalife

9) Stiga Master Series Competition Indoor Table Tennis Table, $329.99, available at Dick's Sporting Goods

10) Pottery Barn Stag Medallion Highball Glass - set of two, $38, available at Pottery Barn

The Love Witch: Okay, so we pretty much want to live inside this movie, only maybe without all the death. (Maybe. A lot of those victims were really lame.) But while we can't literally live inside a film, we can emulate this one pretty easily, as writer-director-resident Love Witch genius Anna Biller has an aesthetic that's really easy to track down, since basically everyone tried to copy it after Love Witch hit the scene. So get ready to adorn your home in rich reds, royal purples, and lots and lots of risque art.

1) Flat Vernacular Nimbo - Eventide, $250/roll, available at Flat Vernacular

2) Natalie Krim Limited Edition Best Print, $50, available at Natalie Krim

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8) So Well Fair Trade Himalayan Salt Flame Lamp, $64.95, available at Ahalife

9) Anthropologie Avery Velvet Pillow, $68-78, available at Anthropologie

10) Diptyque Red Tuberose Candles, $90, available at Neiman Marcus

11) Anthropologie Fan-Woven Ainsworth Bed in Fuschia, $2,498-2,698, available at Anthropologie

Beetlejuice: Even if you think Tim Burton's hyper-specific aesthetic can feel a bit tired out by now, get over it and do a rewatch of Beetlejuice, which is definitely one of his top films and the one with the most excitingly loopy design sensibility. The whole set has a truly brilliant goth Memphis vibe, and it's one that feels particularly fresh right now. Check out our picks, below, and channel your inner Lydia Deetz with all these choices for your home this fall.

1) Coming Soon Faux Fur Armchair, $1,500, available at Coming Soon New York

2) Dusen Dusen Slash Rug - Midnight, $439-959, available at West Elm

3) Selector Vintage Coffee Service, $242.55, available at Etsy

4) Objects New York Roche Bobois Vintage Coffee Table, $3,375, available at Etsy

5) Workaday Handmade Ceramic Milking Stool, $1,100, available at Coming Soon New York

6) Fab Married to the Game, $26, available at Spring

7) Bib & Sola Color Blown Carafe & Glasses "The Marta Social Set," $210, available at Ahalife

8) Darkroom So Sottsass Pillows, $132, available at Yoox

9) Jumbo Shrimp Mini Button, $2.99, available at Cafe Press

10) Eric Trine Rod + Perf Stool/Table in Yellow, $200, available at Need Supply

11) MulT 8 Candelabrum De Vecchi in Purple, $225, available at Yoox