want fries with that?

fashion gets its junk food fix.

by liza darwin

We celebrated National Cheeseburger Day by pigging out on burgers (and veggie burgers!) from the best local spots. We sent Dani Stahl to McDonald's HQ in Chicago to make a Big Mac for the October issue Factory Girl. So needless to say, when we heard that DeerDana had teamed up with Burger King on a new limited-edition t-shirt, we were pretty pumped.

Sure, fashion and french fries might seem like a weird combination. But judging from all the brands rolling out french fry-themed clothing, the industry is getting ready to supersize it in a whole new way.

Lazy Oaf has been doing this for seasons (just see the fall '13 collection for proof), and now everyone from ASOS to Opening Ceremony is jumping on the fast food train. And whether you're a healthy eater or not, unlike a real combo deal, these clothes won't result in a stomachache and/or food coma.

Click through the gallery below for our favorites...just don't blame us if you suddenly feel hungry afterward.  

DeerDana x Burger King, $50 at American Two Shot, NYC

French Fries Muscle Tee, $13.80 at Forever 21

Fries Before Guys Sweatshirt, $59.07 at ASOS

Death By Fries Tank, $29.99 at Urban Outfitters

Fries iPhone Case, $24.50 at Karmaloop

Fries Leggings, $29 at ASOS

French Fries Socks, $8 at Lazy Oaf

Junk Food Dress, $69.99 at Modcloth

Fry Guys Necklace, $10 at NYLON Shop

Hamburger Shirt, $59.99 at NYLON Shop