richard phillips’ new art show looks a lot like a nylon cover…

by faran krentcil

You've probably crashed into the artist Richard Phillips without even knowing it - his stylized portraits of models, starlets, and moody blonde children have appeared in museums, M.A.C Cosmetics stores, and also on TV - there's a Phillips' painting hanging in Serena and Eric's Gossip Girl penthouse.

For his latest exhibit, Most Wanted, Phillips selects some "New Hollywood" icons - Dakota, Chase, Zac - and makes them modern deities, via neon-colored halos and some very hallowed canvas.

All the pieces are electric and exciting, but one stopped us dead in our tracks. It's the image of Kristen Stewart, giving us an aloof stare that's so familiar, we actually asked out loud, "Wait... is this piece based on our cover shot?"

That would be amazing... but it also seems possible.  We blew up Kristen's face on the cover and flipped it horizontally in the gallery below.  Check it out and let us know if we're being giddy, or if our March 2009 photographs were a model for this new work of art.

If you want to see it yourself, head to London:  Phillips' show, which includes the Kristen painting, premieres on January 28 at the White Cube Gallery.

Our March 2009 cover, shot by Marvin Scott Jarrett and starring Kristen Stewart.

Richard Phillips' portrait of Kristen Stewart.

Kristen's cover close up.

Kristen's flipped cover close up.

Leonardo DiCaprio, by Richard Phillips.

Taylor Momsen, by Richard Phillips.

Zac Efron, by Richard Phillips

Taylor Swift, by Richard Phillips