Photo by Dennis Leupold


Demi Lovato Is Not Sorry On Her Anthemic New Single

Guess the song title, y’all

"Sorry, not sorry" is a phrase that, for lack of a better word, has legs. It's easy to see why: It's a concise kiss-off to those who try to cut you down. Naya Rivera used it as the title for her first-ever memoir while Rihanna straight-up embodies the lifestyle (although, she prefers the even more concise—and, in my opinion, biting—word, unapologetic). It's an idiom that's not going anywhere anytime soon—well, at least, until the summer is over and Demi Lovato's latest single, titled "Sorry Not Sorry," moves out of radio rotation to make room for more autumnal melodies.

That said, though, Lovato's "Sorry Not Sorry" will be around for a while. It's an anthemic middle finger to an ex, filled with enough lyrics to caption an abundance of Instagram captions for some time. "The grass is greener under me" is particularly genius and deliciously cocky.

This is our first taste of Lovato's forthcoming sixth studio album. Billboard reports that "it's 'more soulful' with R&B touches to it." Those touches aren't to be found on this single, but hey, hit 'em with the girl power anthem before winding it down. The summer's still young. Listen to "Sorry Not Sorry," below.