Demi Lovato’s New “Stone Cold” Video Will Break Your Heart

Chills, Literally

by daniel barna

With all the extraneous noise surrounding Demi Lovato lately, it's easy to forget that when all is said and done, she's one of the world's top singers. That's why it's with great joy that we bring you the brand new video for her latest single "Stone Cold," a deeply felt, flawlessly sung ballad in which Lovato revisits past trauma by soaking in a steaming bath, and roaming through the snowy wilderness. 

"God knows I tried to feel happy for you,” the steel-voiced Lovato sings, her face painted with agony. “Know that I am, even if I, can’t understand, I’ll take the pain.” Lovato hasn't explicitly said who the song is about, but she did reveal her motive for writing it. 

"I have songs that I have written specifically because there wasn't anything out there that I could relate to that on level," she said in an interview with Radio.com. "I knew other people needed that song as well, it's gonna give them that voice that they need to hear in order to get past things and process how they feel." Lovato went on to describe filming the video, and how she almost "couldn't stop crying," after director Patrick Ecclesine would yell cut.

And wouldn't you know, that emotion is apparent in every single frame. Watch above.