denim on the road

Styles upon styles upon styles of denim with Topman…

by Josh Madden

Denim on the road

Anyone who's ever gone on the road, whether with a band or just for the sake of traveling, knows that only denim and leather can survive such a journey. Think about it for a minute and you'll realize that everyone from railroad instructors and motorcycle gangs to cowboys and rock bands wear jeans and denim jackets unanimously. Our buddies from the bands Smith Westerns and Wampire are out on tour right now and while each of these dudes has their own aesthetic, they all have one thing in common: indigo. You can catch the guys dropping in at various Topman stores to play special DJ sets. There, you'll find a full range of denim pieces. Everything from 

bleached out jackets




overdyed shirts

and good 'ol 

classic denim

is right there at Topman, in every fit and style you can imagine. The good news for anyone who doesn't live near one of their stores is that you can also get all the denim you could ever need 


on their website. Maybe after getting all this denim, you'll want to hit the road on a journey of your own.