Dent May Totally Nails Spending The Holidaze In Suburbia

watch “i’ll be stoned for christmas”

There's nothing quite like Christmastime, but out in the 'burbs it's a totally different world, and sometimes that world can be a burden that is too much to handle. Mississippi-based singer-songwriter Dent May captures the essence of this experience in the music video for "I'll Be Stoned For Christmas." Directed by Robbie Hillyer Barnett, the video follows a female protagonist named Cherry who returns to her hometown for the holidays. She's a former Hollywood "it-girl," so the only way she can deal with being back in this stale environment is to get stoned, of course. It's super relatable for anyone who has ever moved away from their hometown in search of a greater purpose, only to return feeling disconnected from it all. When you've grown accustomed to the busyness of city living, it's kind of a drag to have nothing to do in the old neighborhood—especially if you hate everything about it with every fiber of your being.

We're not saying that getting high is the only way to get through the holidays at home, but it's not necessarily a bad option... Mistletoe and marijuana are basically the same thing, right? Watch the holidaze horror, above.