dertbag fall 13 campaign

There’s D.I.Y. and then there’s Phillip Post D.I.Y.

by Josh Madden

dertbag fall 13 campaign

The last time we spoke with Philip Post AKA 

Young Screech

, he was just about to release his 


summer collection, open his first brick and mortar store,


graduate high school. Yes, we said high school...let that sink in for a minute.

While most 18-year-olds are entering their first year of college, 


is entering his 

sixth year of production

with a brand he founded all by himself. We got the story new collection and the accompanying campaign below.

"The inspiration behind the video was to recreate a feeling I got watching old home movies. I like the feel of how awkward and intimate the video is. Along with that the song I chose reflects with the look of the video along with the garments themselves. The collection was inspired by '90s-'00s brands. There is a Calvin Klein and Pelle Pelle flip - along with that the shirts that I used look as if they are from the '90s. I wanted to recreate a whole nostalgic vibe with the collection, from the visuals to the actual shirts. This is also the first collection where I designed every shirt, shot, directed, and edited the visuals."

While larger entities in fashion and advertising try and achieve the D.I.Y look, Post does so effortlessly by using real friends like campaign star Madison Bildahl and making his own campaign imagery. Now that he's out out of high school you can find him at the 


store located at 1001 Main St. Bridgeport, CT 06604 from noon to 5pm on weekdays. For more on Dertbag go 


, and follow Post on Twitter