design schooled

can you find the next big fashion star online?

by liza darwin

Within the span of a few years, shows like Project Runway or The Fashion Show have taken the search for the Next Big Thing in the design world out from behind closed doors and into the spotlight for the public to see.

But here's the thing: while we can openly critique from our living rooms, we don't have the fashion cred to say whether or not a designer is "out" on reality TV (unless we're Heidi Klum, of course).  

However, the new website Velvet Brigade aims to give everyone a chance at getting discovered, by making itself a grassroot effort for wannabe designers.

Whether or not you have formal training, anyone can submit their artwork to the site and let the public decide their favorites. The winners will be put into production and sold in stores, giving a major jumpstart to any budding design career. You maintain the right to all your art, so whether you win or lose, you can continue sell the designs.

Plus, with hundreds of sketches at the click of a mouse, we can't think of a cooler way to get inspired (without spending a penny.)

Check out the most popular designs right now on Velvet Brigade below and click here to learn more.