Destiny’s Child Say Yes

are you ready for this jelly?!

by liza darwin

When you think of a Destiny's Child reunion, you probably picture:

a.) Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle's 2013 Superbowl performance

b.) Tons of glittery, short outfits

c.) A five-hour long set, because that's how long it would take them to perform all of their singles

What you probably don't picture is a reggae-inflected gospel song...but that's exactly what you're getting. For her new single "Say Yes," Michelle Williams recruited none other than her Destiny's Child girls to lend their voices for the track.

Unexpected? Yes, for sure. It's definitely not "Bootylicious" or "Independent Woman," but we've got to admit, it is catchy. Listen below and let us know if you're into it!