Die Antwoord Share New Album Details And An Electric Song

This sh*t is bananas

Die Antwoord's most recent releases mark a shift for the band's sound. "GUCCI COOCHIE," especially, dives deep into the hard house genre while other tracks, like "BUM BUM" and "DAZED & CONFUSED," align more closely with the South African act's vibed-out side. Now, with the release of "BANANA BRAIN," it's safe to assume Die Antwoord is looking to start some revolution with its just-announced new album, Mount Ninja & Da Nice Time Kid—a dance dance revolution, to be specific.

"BANANA BRAIN" sounds like something off of the arcade game "DDR." It's dark, mysterious, and a full-on rave. Die Antwoord goes hard here. It's jarring, but it gets your bones rattling. 

"In our minds, we sometimes feel like [one] level below the underdogs in this fucked up pop world," Die Antwoord writes in a Facebook post announcing the album, "but we also know our time is coming, and soon we gonna take over this whole bitch." It's easy to believe them with a track like this. Listen to it below. For a good time, mute this video and have Die Antwoord play over it. "BANANA BRAIN" is destined to soundtrack many a goth daytime raves.

Mount Ninja & Da Nice Time Kid drops September 16.