Die Antwoord’s Ninja Recounts A Truly Bizarre Story Featuring Drake and Kanye

Some weird stuff went down

If we were to imagine what a hang between Kanye West, Drake, and Die Antwoord’s Ninja would involve, it would be… exactly what Ninja recounted in a truly bizarre story for Viceland’s Party Legends series.

In the video, the South African rapper tells about the time (the tale?) he played basketball with the two stars and their friends at Drake’s house. It’s captivating from beginning to end and starts out with a 2am FaceTime call from Paris Hilton, who happens to be hanging out with West at the time. One thing leads to another and next day, Ninja finds himself at West’s house who suggests they go to Drake’s to play basketball.

He diverts from the story a couple of minutes in, to talk about the time before this incident when he and Yolandi went to what they would likely call a truly disappointing Drake concert. While in his feelings, Ninja took it upon himself to share a controversial and homophobic meme of the rapper on Yolandi’s Instagram. Given this unfortunate history, Ninja went over to Drake’s expecting a somewhat hostile environment. Instead, he says, the incident was either forgotten or cast to the side for the sake of the game. “This is the problem with rap music today, nobody said fucking anything to me. Nobody hit me, it was ridiculous,” he says.

The gang played best out of three. West showed off his “kung-fu” moves, Ninja, in his words, “sucked,” and Drake apparently wasn’t much better because his team ended up losing. “He kind of liked walked into the sunset and Kanye was like, ‘Why didn’t he say goodbye?’” Ninja says.

Ninja went back to West’s place following the game, where they watched Star Wars and a porno about anal sex. West invites Travis Scott over, they have banana pudding that Kim Kardashian made, Ninja washes the dishes and then goes home. Afterwards, he says, Kanye hit him up a little bit too much, so he blocked his number. “Some of Kanye’s tracks are my favorite songs in the world," he says. “But it’s just like a weirdo zone.”

Ninja’s story reminds us of comedian Aziz Ansari’s stand-up, where he also recounts his bizarre hangs with Kanye. We have no way of knowing whether either event actually happened, but man, we’ve never wanted to hang out with Kanye more.

Watch the full video above.