Die Antwoord’s New Music Video “Ugly Boy” Is Crazy

+ features cara delevingne, marilyn manson, dita von teese & jack black.

Whether it's a drag Lady Gaga in a raw meat costume running on the streets of Africa, smoking out of a gun, or a little boy with an elephant trunk, we've come to expect a whole lot of crazy from South African hip-hop husband and wife duo Die Antwoord. (Crazy in the best way, that is.)

And they're not disappointing us with their latest music video, for their single "Ugly Boy." The video is filled with gold lamé tracksuits, suited-up clowns, burning Benjamins (yes, $100 bills), walls dripping blood, and just about the most random cast you could ever imagine: Cara Delevingne, Jack Black, Marilyn Manson, Dita Von Teese, The ATL Twins, and Charlotte Free. 

Watch below and watch all the madness unfold.

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