Diego Boneta Channels ’50 Shades’ in His Music Video for “The Hurt”

the $1’scream queens’ star sings, btw

The end of Scream Queens Season One may have left a Diego Boneta-sized hole in our hearts, but he isn't gone for good. In fact, before he caught our eye on Ryan Murphy's latest, he was already an on-screen favorite as a soap opera star in his native Mexico, and he had also made a couple appearances in both 90210 and Pretty Little Liars. Oh, and did we mention he can sing? He can sing.

In Boneta's lastest music video for "The Hurt," we're seeing a much sexier side to him than we've seen before. (Other than that steamy scene right before he admits that...well, no spoilers here.) Sure, he might have been Grace's love interest on Scream Queens, but here he's channeling some vibes that are a little more Fifty Shades of Grey and less college-romance. Pair that with a rock and roll groove and a pounding, blood-rushing beat, and you're left with a video that seriously turns up the temperature. We've got your Saturday night jam covered. And, don't worry, there won't be any weird Matthew McConaughey impressions, either.