test drive: diesel jogg jeans

made for dancers, perfect for everyone.

by steff yotka

There's no hiding that we're denim obsessed. (Our whole August issue is devoted to the fabric!) In the spirit of the American classic, we decided to try out the newest, coolest, weirdest jeans once a week for the entire month and share our findings.

Everyone knows the number one thing to look for in a pair of jeans is comfort. It doesn't matter how good your butt looks if you can't sit down, bend over, or even do a little running comfortably. (Hailing a taxi could be an Olympic sport.) Diesel understands this, which is why they just released a new collection of denim pieces called “Jogg Jeans” that are denim on the outside, but sweatpants on the inside.

They're perfect for those of us who are anti-jegging, but pro-mobility and pro-chillaxing-in-style. We tried out the Jogg Jeans this week by doing cartwheels and splits in them in the park–read our findings and get yours here


“I'm stubborn about being comfortable–if you see me wearing heels, I've definitely got a pair of flats stowed away somewhere–so needless to say I've been a big supporter of jeggings from day one. But I'll admit that there's a flaw to them, and that's the stretch situation: They tend to be made with junky fabric, so by the third time you wear them on, say, an airplane (and my usual in-flight position is half-reclined, half-curled in a ball), they're already bent out of shape and baggy. Not the case with Diesel's new Jogg. First of all, though from the outside they like look any other pair of premium Diesel jeans, inside they're lined with a sweatshirt-y material (which, come December, I'm definitely going to be thankful for, since the other downside to jeggings is that they tend to be super thin). So yes, insanely comfortable–my pair was a size too small and they were still easy to wear. But what I really liked about them was the fact that, despite wearing them all day while seated at my computer, they never got stretched out or lost their shape. This can only mean good things for my frequent flyer miles.”


“Coming from someone who takes the comfort of blue jeans really, really seriously, these Joggs pretty much lived up to their denim-meets-activewear promise. After all, it's tough to find another pair that's as flattering, comfy, and stretchy enough to allow for multiple splits to happen without losing its shape. And the best part is, they're only going to get better and softer with time.”


“I tend to veer away from jeans because they can be really constricting, especially for a fidgety person like me. I learned very quickly from Diesel's Jogg jeans, however, that anything could be possible when your jeans are stretchy and lined with sweatpants–even splits! Aside from the increased mobility, they are also just really flattering, which I think has something to do with the waxy coating on the denim. The soft lining will definitely be a bonus during winter months too, when a little extra warmth is always welcomed.”