Bringing buttons back…

by Christian Lavery

Your Android device houses a lot of features—physical buttons aren’t one of them. And as much as we love our touch screens, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss the feel of those good old-fashioned push buttons from time to time. Can you blame us?

Dimple is a new product that allows consumers to add four hardware buttons to their phone that will in turn function as each individual sees fit. They can complete a wide array of tasks like launching apps, controlling settings, taking pictures, and more.

With an adhesive backing, the Dimple is an easy addition to your device, and as long as it’s stuck in close proximity of your phone’s NFC reader (for some this means the entire rear side, while for others this may mean the front) you’ll be on the fast track to a partially button-operated Android.

Launching an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign on May 6th, shipping is slated to start around the beginning of August 2014.

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