The Future Is Melancholy In Dirty Projectors’ New Music Video

“Little Bubble” goes pop

After contributing heavily to Solange's A Seat at the Table, David Longstreth is back as, quite possibly, the sole member of Dirty Projectors. He continues the narrative of last year's devastating breakup song, "Keep Your Name," in "Little Bubble." Longstreth is clearly working through something, and that something is a grab bag of loneliness, loss, and the damaging in-betweens. 

As the name suggests, "Little Bubble" twinkles with ethereal string quartets, Rhodes pianos, horns, synths, drums, and guitars. It ebbs and flows through Longstreth's ruminations on the insecurity that comes with the loss of a relationship and the world you build with another—including both your technological and physical environments. That kind of insularity is fragile at best. 

With Adam Newport-Berra as co-director, Longstreth brings adds a layer of environmental awareness to the picture too. Images of dead animals appearing on a tablet in the middle of an isolated wasteland touch upon the paradox of our technological advancements and the little bubbles they do, indeed, create. Somberness abides and dreams, as he sings, "are dumb and meaningless." 

"Little Bubble" is the second song off of Dirty Projectors' (possibly) forthcoming, yet-to-be-announced album. Listen to it below.