Disclosure Remixes Flume’s “Never Be Like You”

yummy house beats ahead

Earlier this month, Flume released "Never Be Like You," the first song off forthcoming album Skin. Featuring Canadian artist Kai, it perfectly encompassed signature Flume sounds: staggered, off-kilter melodies, synths that sound chopped, reversed and otherwise distorted, crisp percussion, and natch, everything wrapped in a pretty, otherworldly bow. Now, Disclosure, the English electronic duo who hit fame stateside after single "Latch" blew the f--k up, has remixed the song to the delight of househeads everywhere.

When two music greats come together, people either anticipate the best, thinking it will pay homage to the original, or anticipate the worst, fearing the remix simply cannot live up. Well, there's a third option: room for both to co-exist and be wonderful on their own. Disclosure adds their neo-house touch to the song, completely flipping it into something ready for the darkened set of Boiler Room or Berghain. This is the first remix they've delivered in two years, and we're thrilled it was for Flume. "Two and a half years ago I remixed 'You & Me' for Disclosure," Flume says. "Today, Guy & Howard return the favor with a remix of my new single." Get lost in the vibe, above.