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what if ariel was on our cover?

by steff yotka

Heading to the beach for the long weekend? Throw our November 1989 issue with Ariel on the cover in your tote to and read her interview (you know, the one where she talks about what it was really like to be the new girl on land and how much she loves Sebastian's band?) while you tan.


Even though we would totally love to have the finned princess on our cover, the image above was actually made by Disney for a post on their blog turning all the princesses into magazine stars. We're sort of obsessed with SCALES, though. Don't you want to know about the crustacean band you haven't heard of yet!? Also, we always knew Prince Eric was a style icon–the white shirt and cuffed jeans is pretty much what NYLON Guys' Christian the Intern wears daily. We drummed up some other features that should appear in our Ariel issue, check them out below!

FAKING IT: A round up of the best metallic skirts–even legged ladies deserve to feel like a mermaid sometimes.

BEAUTY QUEEN: GINGER SNAPS! Everything you need to know about going red and maintaining your firey locks.

PRIVATE ICON: URSULA: Nobody wants to admit it, but Ursula's cat-eyes and shell necklace are actually pretty rad.

BAG CHECK: SHELL CLUTCH: Win all the trinkets inside this seashell clutch, including a fork!

You can see the rest of the covers on Disney's blog, but, obviously, we think ours is the best.