Disparia EP by Austin Paul

The weekend chill vibe starts now…

by Josh Madden

It's nice to put on a record, push play and let go knowing you can go about writing, cleaning your apartment, or enjoying that drive in your ride without having to skip around or look for another track four minutes later. It's rare to find a collection of tunes that settles in and just eases the mind and mood, which is exactly what twenty-year-old Miami native Austin Paul has done with his new Disparia EP. The young artist possesses a soulful voice reminiscent of John Legend and this well-developed set of tracks serves as the second installment in what will be a trilogy. Our favorite of the five is "VV," a piano-laden groove that showcases Paul's chops on the keys. The artist, who started playing the piano at age 10, definitely has a natural instinct for melody. Check out Disperia in its entirety below, and if you're in Miami you can actually see him play live at 8pm tomorrow night at Avenue D. As for the rest of today, push play on this set of tracks...your weekend chill vibe starts now.