What Happens When Women Try a Diva Cup for the First Time

“I feel like I have a secret”

While we're super open about our periods, we realize that not everyone is down to have a debate about the eternal question of whether to use pads, tampons, or menstrual cups. So to further investigate this quandary that plagues nearly every person who gets a period, Buzzfeed asked a few people on their periods to forgo their typical routines by trying out a Diva Cup out for the first time.

The benefits of menstrual cups are pretty great: They're safe, long-lasting, environmentally friendly, and help combat cramping. But granted, they can be quite intimidating. Four women documented their experience with the Diva Cup, from insertion to removal. And while some had a bit of a tough time getting acclimated to their new menstrual devices, the final judgment calls were actually pretty positive—proving tampons and pads are not the only way to go.

Watch the video to see their reactions—the good, the awkward, and the bloody.

(via Buzzfeed)