Divergent Beauty Line

the mega-movie scores a beauty collection.

by liza darwin

Even though Shailene Woodley's character is too busy kicking butt in Divergent to really pay much attention to her makeup routine, we still have to admit--judging from the trailers and sneak peeks, Tris still rules in the beauty department. So it does make sense, then, that the flick has teamed up with Sephora on a new collection of products inspired by Tris, the future, and the theme of transformation. Which, if you've read the trilogy, you know that's what the story all about. 

The limited-edition Divergent collection include three different sets: a multi-piece collector's pack, a portable palette, and a nail art kit. We checked out the goods in person, and although we're sold on the shimmery eyeshadows, bronzers, and lip glosses alone... the awesome packaging is enough to make you want all three. 

Get a first look at the collection below, then buy it when it hits Sephora in early March.