feeling crafty? brace yourself…

by ali hoffman

From cell phone keychains to sunglasses with removable tassels, we tend to stay clear of over-accessorized accessories.

And then we saw Rag & Bone's latest version of their Dunaway hat, and we decided to make an exception...just this once. For fall, the brand's added a multicolored cord to their timeless wool hat, which, when eying up-close, looks almost identical to a classic, old-school friendship bracelet. 

So, as predicted, we pretty much freaked out.  After hours spent cursing ourselves for not thinking of this ingenious idea first, we began brainstorming ideas for how to make our own version (seeing as we're always looking for an excuse to step away from the computer screen and get crafty).

Here's what we came up with:


- 1 hat (preferably made of wool or felt). We love

this one by Eugenia Kim

, and

Nasty Gal has a great (and a lot less pricey) too


- Any rope, belt, or ribbon (We used this multicolored belt from

Forever 21


- 2-3 friendship bracelets. These can be left over from the stack you wore to Coachella, or you can do what we did and make them from scratch.


Embroidery Floss

- A clipboard (makes your stitches look a cleaner and more professional)

The rest is ridiculously simple:

1. Take your ribbon or rope and tie it around the brim of the hat (not too tight!). 

2. If you're making your friendship bracelets yourself, we recommend going for a simple chevron pattern (

here's a good tutorial for first-timers


3. After you've made a few bracelets, weave each one-by-one through the rope already in place. If you're worried about a bracelet coming loose, you can tie the ends of each bracelet and tuck the knots behind the rope. 

And... Voila! You've made your very own one-of-a-kind Dunaway hat. Now go out and show it off!