DNCE’s Cover Of Rihanna’s “Work” Is Definitely… Something

but does it work work work work work?

We're not sure where or when the first upload of a cover of "Work" officially took place, but it hasn't been the most pleasant of experiences for anyone. So when Joe Jonas and his DNCE crew went and posted their own version of the Rihanna and Drake masterpiece, we were nervous to press play. As the video begins, viewers are instantly transported to a colorful office that seems more preoccupied with arts and crafts, and less about taking care of serious business.

In case you dared to wonder, DNCE's version is nothing like the original whatsoever. It goes without saying that we're relieved the band refrained from taking a trip up to Toronto for inspiration, but all of the Caribbean flavor that makes this track so alluring is gone.

DNCE fans seem to be split down the middle—some love it, others hate it. All the evidence is on Twitter. Not sure how to feel about the cover? Take a look at some of the best reactions tweeted, below.