Watch Rihanna And Drake “Work” It In Their New Video

cozy vibes in the air

Days after celebrating her 28th birthday, Rihanna has gone and gifted us with her hot and heavy music video for "Work" off her ANTi album. The nearly eight-minute segment actually contains two directed visual concepts by Director X and Tim Erem. In the beginning, RiRi takes us to her favorite place—the middle of the dance floor—at a Caribbean restaurant in Toronto, and bends down low in her Rasta colored Tommy Hilfiger dress while Drake sports some OVO sweats.

We know that Drake and Rihanna are both playing their parts, but it's hard to deny the lingering chemistry between the two. With all that dirty grinding, they're doing a whole lot more than getting cozy with one another. Before we know it, the setting switches to a violet lit room where (surprise!) Drake and Rihanna are all alone. We thought we'd seen them do it all with "Take Care", but that was tame in comparison.

All raunchiness aside, it's a very chill atmosphere that we wish we could be transported to right now. Hands down, our favorite part is the scene where a girl is dancing while doing a handstand and Drake is beside himself mouthing "wow, wow" though. Watch all the antics, above.