first look: doc martens

stomp around in the new fashion movie!

by liza darwin

Our fashion crush on Doc Martens started years ago, mostly for practical reasons— after all, what other shoe can you wear in a blizzard, in a rainstorm, and to a fashion show, and still get away with it?! But thanks to a 50-plus year history of campaigns starring rock 'n roll stars and supermodels alike, collabs with everyone from Libertyto Hello Kitty, and the fact that each boot is injected with that magical Dr. Martens cool, they've become more than just a part of our wardrobe. Pre-scuffed, printed, or just plain black, this Docs infatuation goes way beyond butterflies. And this fall, the brand wants everyone to share their own love story. 

The campaign's titled "Stand For Something," and features revamps of the old classics as well entirely new styles, like tartan lace-ups with studded toes, color-blocked brogues, and paisley silk boots. All these and more get their chance to stomp into the spotlight in the new "Stand For Something" fashion movie.

Feating London-based musician Bridgette, the video is a totally fitting 30-second whirlwind of what Docs are all about. We love her because she stands for "the rawness, not fucking about, and getting shit done"...and she looks good doing it. See Bridgette's video below, and peep the entire fall collection starting today here