Photo Via YouTube.


Doja Cat’s Song About Being A Cow Has Gone Viral

“Bitch, I’m a cow”

A song about being a cow has gone viral because in the year of Our Lord 2018 anything is possible.

The track is called “Mooo!” by singer Doja Cat, and the description for it reads, “My hide it not your prom dress.” The song is a gem, but the real reason for its virality is the video. The artist is seen wearing a cow print outfit while eating a burger, fries, and a shake. The green screen background alternates between pictures of bouncing boobs, farms, and, naturally, cows.

Cat raps lines like, “Got milk, bitch?/ Got beef?” and “You a calf bitch, you my daughter.” Despite her stage name, she reassures us all: “I am not a cat/ I don’t say meow.” Giving a nod to Kelis’ “Milkshake,” she also declares, “My milkshake brings all the boys to the farm.”

The video and song are both a… choice and very clearly a joke (Doja Cat actually makes really good music that you should listen to here). “I love that the majority of you guys are healthy and normal and then all of the people who don’t like moo are taking their lives and a song I wrote about cows all too seriously, losing hair over it,” Cat tweeted once the video started picking up. “I like to disappoint woke-hip-hop people.”

Above all, the video acts as prime meme material for people online. Check out some of our favorites, below, and watch the full video, above, if you need a distraction from the fact that today’s only Tuesday.