private icon: dolly parton

why we’ll always love dolly.

by steff yotka

We've spent this morning brainstorming patriotic outfits to sport during the Fourth of July long weekend. We could go the classic American flag print route, but we think a more fun expression of our USA pride would be to test drive the wardrobe of Dolly Parton.

The country singer is about as American as they get. She was born the fourth of 12 children in a rural Tennessee one-room home, and is now a national icon with 41 top ten albums on Billboard's country charts and her own theme park. If that's not the American dream, we don't know what is.

While the more established image of Parton is of her with feathered hair, baby pink lipstick, and rhinestoned bodysuits, she's actually transitioned through many fashion phases. At the start of her career she wore plenty of demure chiffon dresses and tight sweaters before zipping herself into a pastel, bedazzled bodysuit and never looking back.

Our favorite look of Parton's is her offstage style. She's known to rock a jean jacket like no other, and let's not even get started on her tie-front blouses. Never one to say no to an accessory, she often adds a headscarf and some giant hoop earrings like on the cover for 1975's Best of Dolly Parton or 1976's All I Can Do. Even when she's posing next to a horse, which she does a surprising amount, she still looks dressed to the nines.

Forget Daisy Duke, Dolly Parton is the all-American country girl. So while you're watching the fireworks this weekend, grab your Dollywood beer cozy, turn on "Jolene," and proclaim that you will always love Dolly. That's our plan at least.

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